Kumpulan Media Karangkraf (Karangkraf) is the biggest and most successful bumiputra owned publisher in Malaysia. With four key business groups, 13 magazines titles in its stable and home to the fastest growing Malay daily, Sinar Harian, it is the undisputed leader in a challenging and evolving media industry in the country.

The group has a humble beginning way back in 1978 when the then young and enterprising Dato (Dr.) Hussamuddin Bin Hj Yaacub started his small publishing business in a shop lot to produce his first ever product, Mingguan Kanak kanak. From then on, through perseverance, passion, sheer determination, hard work and vision, the company has grown to what it is today .

Being in the publishing business, growth and expansion within the realm of publishing, printing and intellectual products seemed to be a matter of course for the group. In 1990, through Alaf 21 and Karya Bestari, the group started to print novels and books of various genres. Subsequently, in the same year, through Ultimate Print and Dasar Cetak, the group’s foray into the commercial printing business started.

Growth and success tryst within the group. Like all success stories, leadership and vision to see beyond played pivotal role in the group. The need for a newspaper that is both neutral and independent in its reporting amidst a curtailed media landscape saw the birth of Sinar Harian in 2006 – the first state customized national newspaper. With a 38% growth in readership in 2012, Sinar Harian is the fastest growing newspaper in the country.

Now with Alaf 21 being the number one publisher of novels and Ultimate Print the largest commercial printer, 13 magazine titles, a book division, and with the addition of Sinar Harian, Karangkraf stands tall in the world of publishing in the country.

To synergise and strengthened the group’s operations, a rationalization and consolidation exercise was done in 2010 with the forming of Kumpulan Media Karangkraf, which is now a parent company to the group’s 4 core business :
• Grup Majalah
• Grup Buku Karangkraf
• Grup Sinar
• Grup Percetakan

To become an esteemed and influential media organization with products that help shape and build the Malaysian society towards a progressive, modern and intellectual outlook.

• To consistently produce products that are of high quality and delivers on its promises.
• To optimize the usage of our resources and to apply technology towards maintaining our leadership in the marketplace.
• To ensure all our employees are competent, innovative, spirited and highly motivated
• To gear our business process towards contributing to our Corporate Social Responsibility for the betterment of our community and the conservation of our environment.


We believe our employees are the heart of organization and consumers, the soul of the business. As much as we are passionate about our products, we are also passionate about our consumers and at Kumpulan Media Karangkraf six key values stand out and these are the core values that governed our daily business :

• Passion
• Innovation
• Teamwork
• Trustworthiness
• Sincerity
• Concern