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Shah Alam, 17 Februari - Ultimate Print in Malaysia has been using KODAK Solutions to power its offset printing operation for more than 25 years, relying on Kodak’s workflow, prepress software tools, and plates and plate setters. The company, which produces everything from newspapers and magazines to books and general commercial print, began to see a shift toward more personalization and shorter runs for many of its clients. Knowing that digital print would provide a competitive advantage and open new revenue opportunities, Ultimate Print turned to Kodak for an industry-leading solution in the KODAK PROSPER 1000 Press.


With more than 400 employees and annual revenues of $120 million, Ultimate Print is making the investment in digital print to help clients better manage operational costs, inventories, and supply chains. The PROSPER 1000 Press enables content owners to print smaller runs as needed and reduces the waste associated with more traditional long runs. The company also cites the increase in demand for more book titles in smaller quantities as a reason for adding to its digital print capabilities.


“Digital printing is very important to the future of our business, but we also remain fully committed to the high standards of quality we have always provided for our clients,” said Syamil Fahim Mohamed Fahim, Chief Operating Officer, Kumpulan Media Karangkraf/Ultimate Print Sdn Bhd. “The PROSPER 1000 Press allows us to satisfy our short run needs while delivering a printed product that is very close to offset quality. And it does so at a cost that is very appealing to our clients when you consider the savings in inventory and logistics.”


The KODAK PROSPER 1000 Press is a compact monochrome press that offers one-over-one perfecting with a print width of up to 24.5 inches (62.23 centimetres) at speeds up to 650 feet per minute (200 meters per minute), making it one of the most productive inkjet web press for 8-, 12-, and 16-page signatures with a duty cycle of 90 million A4 or US letter pages per month. With its automated Image Quality Management System, the press is capable of print quality that rivals offset output up to 175 lpi on uncoated substrates ranging from 45 to 175 grams per square meter or 30 to 90 pound text weight.  Furthermore, its modular design means that it is easily field upgradable to full color capability.


Ultimate Print chose the KODAK solution over competitive options based on its experience with Kodak and EP Digital—Kodak’s Channel Partner in Malaysia. “We have relied on Kodak’s innovative technology and outstanding service as our business has grown, and we know that Kodak is committed to understanding and meeting the needs of its customers,” added Syamil.


When asked whether the PROSPER 1000 Press will be used to serve existing clients or draw in new business, Syamil says the investment will allow the company to do both. “We have clients today who want to produce a minimum order quantity of books before they publish to a larger market, and they need a cost-effective way to do that. We also see an opportunity to broaden the number of titles in production by producing books on-demand as orders are received.”


Ultimate Print also operates three KODAK TRENDSETTER Plate setters, four KODAK TRENDSETTER NEWS Plate setters, KODAK THERMALNEWS Gold Plates, and KODAK PRINERGY Workflow to drive its successful offset printing services.


“Ultimate Print is one of the leaders in the print market in Malaysia, faithfully serving a very loyal customer base and pursuing new opportunities for growth,” said Kodak’s Adrian Fleming, General Manager for Digital Printing Solutions in the Asia Pacific Region. “Around the world, the market is changing, and those who embrace new technology will be well positioned for success in the future. Our KODAK PROSPER Press Platform helps companies such as Ultimate Print stand apart from the competition.”






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About Ultimate Printing


The Largest Commercial Printer in Malaysia


The number one printing solution provider boasting the latest printing technology and expertise offering its services to multinational companies providing quality and timely service. Grup Percetakan Ultimate provides a wide range of services to meet the needs of today's much customized orders. Our service does not end at just the printing service but also extends to the delivery to the desired destination for users. In 2004, Grup Percetakan Ultimate was awarded the ISO: 9001:2000 Quality Management Standards and to date, the majority of hypermarkets in Malaysia are part of Grup Percetakan Ultimate's clientele.



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Kodak is a technology company focused on imaging for business. Kodak serves customers with disruptive technologies and breakthrough solutions for the product goods packaging, graphic communications and functional printing industries. The company also offers leading products and services in Entertainment Imaging and Commercial Films. For additional information on Kodak, visit us at kodak.com, follow us on Twitter @Kodak, or like us on Facebook at KodakNow.


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About Kumpulan Media Karangkraf


The group has a humble beginning way back in 1978 when the then young and enterprising Dato' (Dr.) Hussamuddin Bin Hj Yaacub started his small publishing business in a shop lot to produce his first ever product, Mingguan Kanak kanak. From then on, through perseverance, passion, sheer determination, hard work and vision, the company has grown to what it is today .


Being in the publishing business, growth and expansion within the realm of publishing, printing and intellectual products seemed to be a matter of course for the group. In 1990, through Alaf 21 and Karya Bestari, the group started to print novels and books of various genres. Subsequently, in the same year, through Ultimate Print and Dasar Cetak, the group’s foray into the commercial printing business started.


To synergise and strengthened the group’s operations, a rationalization and consolidation exercise was done in 2010 with the forming of Kumpulan Media Karangkraf, which is now a parent company to the group’s 4 core business :


• Grup Majalah
• Grup Buku Karangkraf
• Grup Sinar
• Grup Percetakan


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