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Shah Alam, 15 April - With more than 400 employees and annual revenues of $120 million, Ultimate Print Sdn Bhd is making the investment in digital print to help clients better manage operational costs, inventories, and supply chains. The Fuji Xerox 1400 Inkjet Color continuous feed printing system, enables content owners to print smaller runs as needed and reduces the waste associated with more traditional long runs. The company also cites the increase in demand for more book titles in smaller quantities as a reason for adding to its digital print capabilities.


“Digital printing is very important to the future of our business, but we also remain fully committed to the high standards of quality we have always provided for our clients,” said Syamil Fahim Mohamed Fahim, Chief Operating Officer, Kumpulan Media Karangkraf/Ultimate Print Sdn Bhd. “The Fuji Xerox 1400 allows us to satisfy our short run needs while delivering a printed product that is very close to offset quality. And it does so at a cost that is very appealing to our clients when you consider the savings in inventory and logistics.”


The acquisitions, which cost about RM20 Million make Ultimate the only player in the region the region to own such machines. According to Syamil, “We want to provide them with an avenue where they can come to us for small print jobs and complete it for an affordable price. It is with these machines that we are able to provide services like this and reach out to the larger pool of small print jobs because we do not have to set a limitation. They can choose to print even one copy or a thousand, it is now possible”.


Targeting the data and commercial printing markets, Fuji Xerox Asia Pacific Pte Ltd, Malaysia Operations has recently launched 1400 Inkjet Color Continuous Feed Printing System that prints at 100 meters per minute in full-color, duplex (equivalent to 1,312 pages of double-sided, 2-up A4 document). The first installation of this new system has been completed and showcased to local print publishers and commercial printers today.


“With digital, we are able to do away with needless spending on storage, insurance, material and even forklifts. More controlled approach higher profits. Aside from that, previously we had to wait for clients to give us orders which were enough to meet the minimum order requirement before printing. This course would usually take months some time. The amount of time lost in this process can today be eliminated.”, Syamil continues.


When asked whether the Fuji Xerox 1400  will be used to serve existing clients or draw in new business, Syamil says the investment will allow the company to do both. “We have clients today who want to produce a minimum order quantity of books before they publish to a larger market, and they need a cost-effective way to do that. We also see an opportunity to broaden the number of titles in production by producing books on-demand as orders are received.”


 The new system employs an inkjet printing system (the printing speed may vary depending on the type of print job), which enables high-speed printing. Among printers with the equivalent output speed of 100 meters per minute, the width of 1400 Inkjet Color Continuous Feed Printing System is the world smallest and its body is lightweight by employing robust but light aluminium frame, enabling installation of the device on above-ground floor levels.





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About Ultimate Printing


The Largest Commercial Printer in Malaysia


The number one printing solution provider boasting the latest printing technology and expertise offering its services to multinational companies providing quality and timely service. Grup Percetakan Ultimate provides a wide range of services to meet the needs of today's much customized orders. Our service does not end at just the printing service but also extends to the delivery to the desired destination for users. In 2004, Grup Percetakan Ultimate was awarded the ISO: 9001:2000 Quality Management Standards and to date, the majority of hypermarkets in Malaysia are part of Grup Percetakan Ultimate's clientele.



About Fuji Xerox Asia Pacific Pte Ltd (Malaysia Operations)


Fuji Xerox is the leading global brand that provides cutting edge document solutions and digital publishing systems for office automation. It was incorporated in Malaysia as Rank Xerox in 1966, later renamed to Fuji Xerox Asia Pacific Pte Ltd 9Malaysia Operations) in 1992. With the headquarters in Kuala Lumpur, Fuji Xerox has since grown to 5 branches and 20 authorized dealers nationwide.


Today, the company continues to reinvent itself towards a customer-centric approach by identifying and solve business issues that are fast becoming complicated. Though the traditional office market still plays a critical role, Fuji Xerox is fast expanding into service and publishing industries covering an extensive range of document-related software, document management consulting and document outsourcing services. Fuji Xerox aims to move beyond “The Document Company” by transforming itself to become its customers’ best partner.



About Kumpulan Media Karangkraf


The group has a humble beginning way back in 1978 when the then young and enterprising Dato' (Dr.) Hussamuddin Bin Hj Yaacub started his small publishing business in a shop lot to produce his first ever product, Mingguan Kanak kanak. From then on, through perseverance, passion, sheer determination, hard work and vision, the company has grown to what it is today .


Being in the publishing business, growth and expansion within the realm of publishing, printing and intellectual products seemed to be a matter of course for the group. In 1990, through Alaf 21 and Karya Bestari, the group started to print novels and books of various genres. Subsequently, in the same year, through Ultimate Print and Dasar Cetak, the group’s foray into the commercial printing business started.


To synergise and strengthened the group’s operations, a rationalization and consolidation exercise was done in 2010 with the forming of Kumpulan Media Karangkraf, which is now a parent company to the group’s 4 core business :


• Grup Majalah
• Grup Buku Karangkraf
• Grup Sinar
• Grup Percetakan


URL : www.karangkraf.com